National Grief Awareness Week 2020

National Grief Awareness Week 2020

Beautiful words from Clara Francis – our bereaved parent facilitator:

It’s National Grief Awareness Week this week – a week that aims to normalise grief and get the nation to talk about their own losses.

This is my beloved daughter Maude – she died when she was was two and a half years old, very suddenly, to Sepsis.  I talk about my own grief a lot. It is a part of me now…it has burrowed through my skin, sunken into my blood, plunged through my veins, snuck into my bones and subsequently forever altered my DNA…my grief knows no bounds. It is a massive scary beast that can lay dormant for days and weeks, a constant nagging hum and then unexpectedly, sometimes with a trigger sometimes without, simply smash me in the face with memories, longing, sadness, ‘what ifs’.

We as a nation MUST be able to talk about Death without fear…by talking about it, it releases us.

My brilliant friend, Rob Delaney, was on the Radio 4’s Today Programme talking about the death of his beloved son Henry 🕷….it was so very VERY beautiful – I encourage everyone to have a listen… He talked about how he loves his living children all the ‘better’ since Henry’s death, as he has since come to the realisation that ALL his children are merely “temporary gatherings of stardust” none of them will be here forever, but they are here NOW…. how beautiful is that?? So don’t be scared to talk about your grief – if people can’t handle it that’s THEIR problem not yours….

And here’s the link for Rob on Radio 4 –

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