Winter 2023-24 Update

Our next SLOWsibs workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2024.  All bereaved siblings aged 6 to 15 years are welcome.   For more information and to register for the workshop call 07532 423674.


SLOW supports children and young people after the death of their brother or sister through our SLOWsibs groups.

We run quarterly creative sibling workshops where children can meet each other to share activities that are fun and build confidence.  This helps bereaved siblings feel less alone and provides a safe space to explore feelings, giving them hope for the future.

SLOWsibs Activities

Different activities are arranged each quarter and past workshops have included cupcake making, marbling, pebble painting, body mapping and Matisse cut outs.

Our Christmas workshops are particularly popular and have included making Christmas wreaths and homemade decorations as well as decorating mini Christmas trees.

Our creative activities are designed to support each child living with their grief while building a hopeful future, as well as commemorating the sibling who has died.

Each group includes an opening circle, creative activities, afternoon tea, a closing circle and then usually an impromptu game of football!

You can take a look at some of the wonderful work that our SLOWsibs have done at past workshops in our gallery here.



Here are some happy memories from previous SLOWSibs activities.

Join SLOWsibs

Bereaved siblings between 6 and 15 years are welcome to attend SLOWsibs and the groups are held in Islington, North London.  For more information, please call 07532 423674 or email

"It makes me so happy to know that my daughter has other bereaved siblings she can talk to about the experience of losing her sister and that she too is not alone in her grief"

SLOW favicon Parent of SLOWsib

"I love everything about sibs!"

SLOW favicon SLOWsib aged 6 years

"I really enjoy the activities at SLOWsibs particularly the Christmas workshops and the ‘Big Build’. I find it really fun and I’ve met other children that have lost their brothers and sisters so I know I’m not the only one this has happened to."

SLOW favicon SLOWsib aged 12 years

"My favourite sibs’ group was the marbling workshop as I pretended to be a mad scientist! I also love the games at the beginning and end of the workshops with my sib friends ."

SLOW favicon SLOWsib member