Shout out to our amazingly generous funders

Shout out to our amazingly generous funders

It’s a difficult time out there for small charities like SLOW and today we give thanks to our generous and flexible funders.

When the pandemic hit, our grant and trust partners (new and existing) stepped up and we’ve received over £60,000 in the space of six months.

Our funders recognise the importance of our bereavement support services – a lifeline to many – and the creative ways in which we continue to support bereaved parents even during lockdown.

So big thank yous to:

  • The Lotteries – Reaching Communities
  • The Coronavirus Community Support Fund (HM Government and the Lotteries)
  • The London Community Response Fund
  • The John Armitage Charitable Trust
  • The CAF Emergency Fund
  • Islington Council Community Chest
  • Local Initiatives Fund (Islington Council)
  • Waitrose Community Matters

We are overwhelmed with gratitude and truly thankful for their support during this difficult time.






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National Lotteries Success – our biggest grant to date

National Lotteries Success – our biggest grant to date

We are delighted to announce that SLOW has been awarded its largest ever grant for three years from the National Lotteries Reaching Communities Fund.

The grant award comes after an 8-month process where SLOW’s grant application went to peer review, two regional panels and a national panel.  Reaching Communities awarded SLOW with the full grant outlined in the application with further funding for supervision and strategic development of the charity.

The National Lottery Community Fund are the largest community funder in the UK.  The fund is passionate about funding great ideas that matter to communities and make a difference to people’s lives.  They work with the smallest of local groups right up to UK-wide charities, enabling people and communities to bring their ambitions to life.

This grant will ensure that SLOW can continue to support bereaved families in London for years to come and we are thrilled and truly grateful.

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