Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2021

Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2021

Today marks the beginning of Children’s Grief awareness week, now in it’s 7th year, the week is designed to raise awareness of bereaved children and young people in the UK.

According to research published in the Lancet in July 2021, at least 10,000 children have been bereaved of a primary caregiver across the UK due to the pandemic and over 50,000 children have had a parent, guardian or carer die from other causes over the last 20 months.

This year’s theme is #saythewords, giving bereaved children the opportunity to be heard, listened too and the opportunity to give their grief a public voice. It’s also about highlighting what support means to bereaved children and young people and highlighting the difference support can make in their lives.

At SLOW, we support children and young people after the death of their brother or sister through our SLOWsibs groups.

We run quarterly creative workshops where children can meet other bereaved siblings to share activities that are fun and help build confidence. This helps bereaved siblings feel less alone and provides a safe space to explore feelings, giving them hope for the future.

“I find it really fun and I’ve met other children that have lost their brothers and sisters, so I know I’m not the only one this has happened to”  says one of our SLOWsibs.

Previous workshops have included cupcake decoration, miniature worlds, gardening, marbling, decoupage and Christmas wreaths. Our activities are designed to support each child living with their grief while building a hopeful future, as well as commemorating their sibling who has died.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more information about our SLOWsibs groups, email or call 07532 423674

#saythewords #cgaw2021

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SLOW Adult Sibling Support Groups – now running monthly

SLOW Adult Sibling Support Groups – now running monthly

Due to popular demand our bereaved adult sibling support groups are now running monthly.

The next group is taking place in the evening of Thursday 7th October via Zoom.  For forthcoming dates of all our groups up until Christmas please see our calendar.

We warmly welcome all bereaved siblings over the age of 18.  These meetings are a safe space to take strength from the support of other siblings, before returning to daily life and its challenges.   It doesn’t matter how long ago or how recent your loss or the varying circumstances in which your brother or sister died – we can still provide you with support. The groups are facilitated by two trained bereaved siblings, Shushma Jain and Michael Ward.

Here’s what our members are saying about the groups:

I find the meetings so supportive and helpful. I feel so less lonely and feel amongst people where grief is understood and accepted. Thank you for setting up the group and all your hard work that goes into it

Thank you for such a supportive meeting. It’s terrible that we all find ourselves in this group but I found great comfort of being with others who I can relate to and who I can relate to and who understand the pain and devastation. I felt a real connection to everyone tonight.  Thank you for giving us a safe and free space to share.

For further information about the groups click here and to join a group please contact Shushma on 07506 272 309 or at

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SLOWsibs Herbs for Hearts

SLOWsibs Herbs for Hearts

After a year of Zoom remote workshops, this weekend SLOWsibs returned with a face-to-face session called ‘Herbs for Hearts’, held outside at the beautiful Ecology Centre in Islington.

It was lovely to see all our amazing sibs painting their pots and planting herbs and flowers in memory of their brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents. Basil for love, rosemary for remembrance, mint for hospitality / wisdom and petunias to remember our loved ones. Looking up petunia, it has a lively symbolism over the centuries – love, trust, hope, comfort and fury – pretty much sums up what we can feel in grief!
A huge thank you to our wonderful, hardworking volunteers – Laura, Mandi and Hamish.
Our next workshop will take place in the Autumn and workshops are designed for bereaved siblings aged 6 to 15 years of age. For more information about SLOWsibs click here.
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Summer Sibling Workshop with Cloud Workshop

Summer Sibling Workshop with Cloud Workshop

On the 15th June 2019 SLOW held a special sibling workshop at the Ecology Centre, in the heart of the wildlife reserve in Gillespie Park, Islington.

The workshop was generously gifted to SLOW by the amazing Cloud Workshop New Zealand who have been running creative art workshops with bereaved children since 2008. This workshop was also supported by the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.

The workshop was led by Cloud Workshop with the theme of ‘Peg Guardians’.  Cloud Workshop has a long tradition of making talismans to ward away sadness and strengthen us. The peg guardians were inspired by Guatemalan Worry Dolls and Depression era toys that were made from everyday objects such as pegs and wooden spoons.  The peg guardians have had to work hard over the years – helping to keep bad dreams away, reminding us of someone we are missing, comforting their spirit, comforting our own spirit, trying to provide strength against bullies (and encouraging talk with adults about this). After an introduction from Deb, the children brainstormed on the qualities they wished their guardians to portray and then created their figures with flat pegs, fabrics, papers, felt, decorations and character faces.

Children took part in a ‘show and tell’ at the end of the workshop describing their work to other children, team members and parents. The combined volunteers from SLOW and Cloud Workshop worked very hard throughout the afternoon to create a very successful and activity packed workshop.

Cloud Workshop NZ

Thank you to both our sponsors – Cloud Workshop and Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.


Some information about SLOWsibs

SLOW runs creative workshops for bereaved children that have lost a brother or sister so they can meet each other with the aim of reducing isolation, building resilience and confidence and making new friends. We provide a safe space to explore feelings and develop their creative skills.

SLOWsibs meets quarterly and previous workshops have included cupcake decoration, miniature worlds, gardening, marbling, decoupage and Christmas wreath making. Children aged 6 years to 15 years are invited to attend the groups.

Take a look at our picture gallery here to see some of the wonderful and creative work from our SLOWsibs.



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