Your views matter!  Please join our May focus groups

Your views matter! Please join our May focus groups

Losing a child is a devastating experience and for many of us it was hard to find the right support at the right time.  SLOW has been and is a lifeline for so many of us.  SLOW has grown from Nic and Susie meeting round a kitchen table to the charity it is now.

We want hear from our members about their experiences of coming to our bereaved parent support groups and being part of SLOW, so we are working with Geena Saini and Millie Witcher, two students from the University of Hertfordshire.

Your feedback and views will help us understand how our support helps you, so we can make improvements to how we run our groups as well as plan our next steps as an organisation.

Millie and Geena will be running a number of 90-minute focus groups via Zoom and we want these groups to represent a range of views from long term members, newly joined, monthly or weekly members but also those who don’t attend anymore, all views are welcome.

And, if you’d prefer to share your views privately, they will also be holding a small number of telephone interviews.

They plan to record the sessions but please be assured that all views will be anonymised.

If you are interested in taking part in either the focus groups or the interviews, or if you would simply like to know more about the research, please contact Kelly Carter at by the end of April.  She’ll then be able to forward your details onto Millie and Geena who can provide you with further information.

Thank you

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New SLOW support groups for adult siblings

New SLOW support groups for adult siblings

SLOW is proud to be launching a new adult sibling support group from April 2021.

Our new support group, SLOWsibs 18+, will run every other month, initially via Zoom.   The first meeting will take place on 1st April 2021 at 7.15 via Zoom and future dates are detailed on the SLOW calendar.  Eventually, the support groups will run as face-to-face meetings in Central London, when COVID infection rates allows.

We warmly welcome all bereaved siblings over the age of 18.

These meetings will be a safe space to take strength from the support of other siblings, before returning to daily life and its challenges.   It doesn’t matter how long ago or how recent your loss or the varying circumstances in which your brother or sister died – we can still provide you with support.

The groups will be facilitated by trained bereaved siblings and we warmly welcome our two new facilitators, Shushma Jain and Michael Ward.  Shushma recently said:

“SLOW held my hand during my darkest time and gave me hope, something I now want to do for other bereaved siblings”.

For further information about the groups click here and to join a group please contact Shushma on 07506 272 309 or at




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National Grief Awareness Week 2020

National Grief Awareness Week 2020

Beautiful words from Clara Francis – our bereaved parent facilitator:

It’s National Grief Awareness Week this week – a week that aims to normalise grief and get the nation to talk about their own losses.

This is my beloved daughter Maude – she died when she was was two and a half years old, very suddenly, to Sepsis.  I talk about my own grief a lot. It is a part of me now…it has burrowed through my skin, sunken into my blood, plunged through my veins, snuck into my bones and subsequently forever altered my DNA…my grief knows no bounds. It is a massive scary beast that can lay dormant for days and weeks, a constant nagging hum and then unexpectedly, sometimes with a trigger sometimes without, simply smash me in the face with memories, longing, sadness, ‘what ifs’.

We as a nation MUST be able to talk about Death without fear…by talking about it, it releases us.

My brilliant friend, Rob Delaney, was on the Radio 4’s Today Programme talking about the death of his beloved son Henry 🕷….it was so very VERY beautiful – I encourage everyone to have a listen… He talked about how he loves his living children all the ‘better’ since Henry’s death, as he has since come to the realisation that ALL his children are merely “temporary gatherings of stardust” none of them will be here forever, but they are here NOW…. how beautiful is that?? So don’t be scared to talk about your grief – if people can’t handle it that’s THEIR problem not yours….

And here’s the link for Rob on Radio 4 –

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Baby Loss Awareness Week – 9th to 15th October 2020

Baby Loss Awareness Week – 9th to 15th October 2020

It’s Baby Loss Awareness Week, a week for raising awareness about pregnancy and baby loss and also a time to reflect and remember our lost children.

Baby Loss Awareness Week culminates in the ‘Wave of Light’ at 7pm on Thursday 15th October.  We’ll be thinking of you and all your beautiful children – young and old this week.

And here’s a few articles that we’ve stumbled across that are particularly pertinent this week (and after):

’10 things you need to know when someone’s baby dies’ from Scary Mommy

‘How to talk to children about miscarriage and stillbirth’ from What’s Your Grief

There’s also a range of baby loss articles on our articles page.

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The Good Grief Festival

The Good Grief Festival

The Good Grief Festival is a free three day online event with lots of interesting and inspiring speakers and sessions.   Check it out at Good Grief Fest

Bereaved parent Gill Mann will be speaking. Her beautiful book about her son, Sam’s story “A Song Inside” will move and resonate in every bereaved parents heart and will soon be available in SLOW’s libraries for the day that we are able to resume face to face working.

Currently we are running all groups via Zoom, please do get in touch if you would like to come to one of our groups, you will find a warm online community who will welcome you.  For details of our forthcoming support group dates click here.

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