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Our aim at SLOW is to provide an informal, quiet place for bereaved parents. Some say that our group provides a haven from the ravages of the 'outside' world at a time when life has been irrevocably changed by their child's death.

We know that the death of your child disturbs every aspect of life, including all of your relationships with family, friends and the world at large. 

SLOW  is a place to be yourself, in the utterly changed circumstances in which you find yourself, and take strength from the support of others, before returning to daily life and it's challenges.


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grief - Slow Group Charity Islington North London

The Language of Bereavement and Grief

The Language of Bereavement and Grief from BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth.     I came across this program by Michael Rosen from 2013 again and thought it would be good to add a link to it from the site.   Michael talks to psychologists, teachers, hospice workers and childrens charities about grieving and […]

bereaved parents - Slow Group Charity Islington North London

An update on identifying Sepsis in the US

We’ve focussed on raising awareness of sepsis blood poisoning and the difficulties of recognising Sepsis quickly enough, particularly in children.   We are very keen to support the current Government initiative to bring it to everyone in the medical world’s attention and it was interesting to see how working to make medical practitioners fully aware of the […]

Tough Mudder Team for Slow Group Charity Islington North London

Tough Mudder Team raising funds for SLOW

  On the 6th May 16 of us will be completing a Tough Mudder as a group, a gruelling 12 mile course with 20 challenging obstacles. We are deep into our training and preparation for the event and our thoughts have now turned to our fundraising. We have chosen the charity SLOW, a North London […]

Slow Group Charity Islington North London

The Grief Of The Parents: A Lifetime Journey

“Children are not supposed to die …”     There is an excellent article on athealth.com about the grief of parents. If you would like to read it, click here for the article. SLOW is a local bereavement charity and can provide support here in Islington and North London for anyone affected by the loss of a child or sibling. […]