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Our aim at SLOW is to provide an informal, quiet place for bereaved parents. Some say that our group provides a haven from the ravages of the 'outside' world at a time when life has been irrevocably changed by their child's death.

We know that the death of your child disturbs every aspect of life, including all of your relationships with family, friends and the world at large. 

SLOW  is a place to be yourself, in the utterly changed circumstances in which you find yourself, and take strength from the support of others, before returning to daily life and it's challenges.


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Slow Group Charity Islington North London

Next SLOW Evening Group is on Thursday December 7th

Our next SLOW evening group is on Thursday, December 7th. As ever, all bereaved parents are welcome. If you’d like to come, or find out more about the groups, workshops and or our charity, please use the contact form here on the site to get in touch, or give us a call. The evening workshop […]

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A Love That Never Dies - film by Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds - Slow Group bereavement charity Islington North London

A Love That Never Dies

A Love That Never Dies A new film by Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds explores how parents handle grief of losing a child Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds made the film to honour the memory of their son Josh, who died six years ago while travelling in South East Asia. They feature very different families […]