Thank you to our amazing volunteers

Thank you to our amazing volunteers

It’s volunteer week and it’s been a really challenging year at SLOW with the pandemic and we’d like to thank our many, many special volunteers who help SLOW run in so many valuable ways.

We like to give a shout to these very special people who donate their time freely with a passion and commitment for the work we do to support bereaved families:

  • Susie, Nic and Tim – our expert bereaved parent facilitators
  • Liz and Maria – our welcoming Wednesday group volunteers
  • The wonderful SLOWsibs volunteers – Lisa and Laura
  • Our new SLOWsibs 18+ volunteer facilitator, the lovely Michael
  • One of amazing supervisors, Steve
  • Ben who kindly verified our accounts last year
  • Millie, Geena and Lizette from Herts Uni who are working with us to evaluate our support services
  • We’d also like to thank those who offered to work for free during the pandemic – thank you Clara
  • And finally, our trustees who worked tirelessly over the last year, Pippa, Tim, Kieran, Andrew, Sara, Fin, Samara and Helen

A quote from one of our lovely volunteers:

Walking into a room of bereaved parents for the first time was for me was like finding an oasis in a desert.  I was with others who understood completely how I felt.  It gave me strength to carry on.  As the years have gone by I try to help SLOW regularly in small ways each week because I feel so passionately about its work.   SLOW was and is still my lifeline of which I am proud to be a part.

We whole-heartedly appreciate the time and support you have dedicated to SLOW over the last year.


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A massive shout out to the SLOW volunteers

A massive shout out to the SLOW volunteers

SLOW is a flourishing community of bereaved parents and siblings that has been providing group support for bereaved families for nearly 13 years.

As it’s volunteer week we’d like to give a big shout out to all our very special volunteers who give so much of their time and personal commitment to keep SLOW running smoothly, helping us maintain the quality of support that is the hallmark of SLOW –  caring, community and connection.

Our volunteers support the work of SLOW in a wide range of activities:-

  • Our expert SLOW group facilitators, Susie and Tim, provide dedicated group support for our bereaved parents throughout the year.
  • Our group support volunteers, Maria and Liz, who provide invaluable support in a number of ways – talking to new members, providing a welcoming environment, and organising the refreshments at groups.
  • Our volunteers who work at SLOWsibs – the wonderful Rachel, Kat, and Mandy.
  • Our adult bereaved parent and sibling volunteers who give their time and expertise to support the work of SLOWsibs – Lisa, Shushma, and Fatima.
  • Our Young Leader volunteers – young people who have attended SLOWsibs for many years and now support younger children in the group – Nina, Hamish, and Bessie.
  • Our volunteers who help us with our strategic planning, facilitating Planning Days and Focus groups – Radojka and Helen.
  • Our supervisors who donate their time to SLOW to provide brilliant clinical supervision for our team – Steve and Sara.
  • Ben – who examines our annual accounts and helps with our finances.
  • Our technical support volunteer – Charlie.
  • And finally, our trustees who donate their time voluntarily to sustain SLOW at a governance level and have a passion and commitment for the work we do – Andy, Helen, Fin, Kieran, Pippa, Sara and Tim.

We whole-heartedly thank you for all your time and support.

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