Support us

‘SLOW’ – Surviving the Loss of your World – is a support group for bereaved parents and siblings run by bereaved parents. We are all volunteers and like other charities, we are very short of funds to so our work. The easiest way to support us is to donate and we have a charity page for donations on where you can read about how your donation could be used and the benefits it would bring.

You can also read about the Localgiving Foundation on their website.

Below is a little from their website about SLOW.

Why the community needs us

SLOW is an important part of supporting bereaved parents through daily life with the aim of promoting health and well being. The SLOW group meets weekly and is open to all who have suffered the devastating loss of a child. The group aims to break down the social isolation experienced by parents, create new bonds and connections. SLOW also works with bereaved children so they can meet each other to build resilience and confidence by providing a safe space to explore feelings.

Our impact on the community

Participants report that the weekly group is a lifeline, and supports them through the week. It provides a distinct contrast to one-to-one counselling because of the support from people at different places in the process of living without their child. Through creative expression and team building games, the children that attend the Siblings Art Workshops are able to assert their own unique place in their families despite the challenges they have faced after the death of their sibling.

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