Six In 10 Bereaved Parents Will Never Know Why Their Baby Was Stillborn

Six In 10 Bereaved Parents Will Never Know Why Their Baby Was Stillborn, Study Reveals

Following on from our posts about Baby Loss awareness week I was saddened to read that the majority of bereaved parents whose child is stillborn aren’t able to be told why. This was in the Huffiest Parents today and draws from a report by Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) , here in London, and funded by stillbirth charity Sands.

The report showed that even with a full postmortem, the cause of stillbirth is often still not possible to explain. This is heartbreaking and it appears to be down tour lack of understanding how the placenta works.

We can’t test how well the placenta is working till quite late on in pregnancy,” the authors wrote.

In this study, around one-third of the stillborn babies had signs of placental abnormalities, but it was not clear for all the babies whether this actually led to the death.

If we are to unravel the tragedy of why babies die during pregnancy and achieve the government’s ambition to halve stillbirths by 2030, much more research is needed on the placenta.

Hopefully much more research will be done and we can bring all forms of infant mortality right down, including stillbirths.

SLOW is a local bereavement charity and can provide support here in Islington and North London for anyone affected by the loss of a child or sibling.

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