First reviews of ‘Staying Alive’

Staying Alive by Kat Roberts at The Pleasance

The first reviews of Staying Alive by Blackshaw Theatre have been very positive, and both mentioning SLOW and our bereavement charity work; London Theatre 1 describes it as –

a really powerful exploration of grief – honest and tender, with a couple of particularly intense moments that catch the audience unawares. And it ends on an optimistic note, transforming what could have been quite a dark story into one that educates and inspires.

blackshaw-review - Staying Alive - SLOW London


and Exeunt Magazine concludes –

While I may be no nearer understanding how it feels to lose a child, Staying Alive is an elegant exploration of how friendships can break down and change under the weight of tragedy.


blackshaw-review - Staying Alive - SLOW London


there is still time to get your tickets – click here – runs till the 29th

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