A very big Thank You to our website designer Nick Ruskin

The story goes like this.. back in 2010, Susie (the co-founder of SLOW) and I were enjoying a cake and coffee in a local cafe,  discussing our experiences at SLOW and thinking about how to  reach more bereaved parents.

At a nearby table, unbeknownst to us, was a young man in motorbike leathers, politely eavesdropping. He approached us, saying,  on overhearing  our conversation, that he would very much like to be able to help us by designing and donating a website for SLOW.

We were absolutely delighted, though little did we know then of Nick’s extraordinary expertise. To bring us up to date, Nick has now updated our original site, which he made in 2010 We are thrilled with its fresh, contemporary look, brilliant SEO , and a blog page where we can keep you up to date with news.

Nick has also been unstinting in his support of our charity, truly understanding our values and ethos. He donates many hours of his time helping us with the site administration , and we are very proud of the way Slow looks, thanks to him. So – Nick, a huge thank you for supporting us,  for coming alongside us and helping us to spread the message of SLOW.

Nick has recently developed a new website for his own thriving website design and programming business, NickRuskin.com and we wish him every success.

Slow - NickRuskin.com

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